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It’s not very often that I have a new investing strategy to dive into, but today we’re going to talk about one that was new to me until just recently and that is container homes. My guest is my friend Stevie Bear of Make it Modular.

Stevie comes from a real estate family that goes back 3 generations.  She is a real estate investor, a Realtor/Broker, the owner of Make it Modular, and a partner in a funding company. Just for fun, Stevie has a 5th business called the Bear’s Lair which is a free space for artists to perform (and keep all the proceeds).

Today you are going to learn all about container homes, and why some people are interested in this type of home ownership.  Austin is a trendy community so it’s a perfect place for Stevie's business.

Show Notes

We had a lot to talk about in this show.  Here are just some of what we talked about:

    • The influence of coming from 3 generations of real estate entrepreneurs
    • Tips for folks that are both a licensed Realtor and a real estate investor
    • How Stevie first got interested in container homes
    • The design process and the different types and uses of container homes
    • The different sizes and costs for these container homes
    • The levels of finishes you can choose from
    • Why someone might want to explore container homes
    • And so much more


Wondering What Container Homes Look Like?


Here is Our Video Interview

**For some reason the video skips ahead at the beginning. Just go back to the start.

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About Stevie

Stevie BearStevie’s interest in real estate stretches back three generations to a great grandfather that built everything, and a dad that is still involved in real estate and remodeling to this day. Stevie has been involved in Central Texas real estate since 1997, and has been a licensed Broker/REALTOR in Texas since 1998, so rehabbing and investing in property was a very short leap, and leap she did, investing, building and rehabbing properties in Central Texas since 2000.

Stevie's background and college work in business, psychology and social work has served her well in her real estate and investing endeavors. Along with being a partner in Make It Modular, she also owns Four Directions Realty, as well as Community Real Estate Investing, and is managing partner of Unlimited Potential Capital Funding. Ms. Bear, along with her wife of 28 years, also runs a philanthropic music/artist space “The Bears Lair”, a free space for musicians and artist to show and perform, and keep any and all proceeds they receive from their shows.

You can reach out to Stevie at Make It Modular.


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