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Today we are going to talk about building an exceptional business with my friend Mike Hambright AKA the FLIP Nerd.

Both of us are passionate about entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurs talk about how you build profitable business. But the real question is, how do you go about building an exceptional business as opposed to a business that is simply average or ordinary?


That Brings Up another Question…..

Can a business be profitable and yet still be “average or ordinary”.

I believe the answer is yes.

If you stop and think about the companies YOU do business with, how many of them cause you to become a raving fan? Are there any of them that you think are an exceptional business or are they average?

Maybe they are merely competent and this allows them to make a profit.

Hey; nobody wants to be ordinary. Listen in as we talk about some steps you can take for building an exceptional business.

  • You will learn how your habits and your routines affect your success.
  • Why networking is so important for growing an exceptional business
  • Learning from your mistakes (and why everyone must make them to be great)
  • Why it's important to build a culture and why this will make you more successful
  • What authenticity has to do with building your brand
  • Mike's advice on taking risks


Here's Your Video – Expert Interview with Mike Hambright

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About Mike

Flip Nerd

My guest today is Mike Hambright from Dallas, Texas where he lives with his wife and son. Mike is a real estate investor, a blogger, podcaster and a coach.  You probably know Mike from his popular podcast the “Flip Nerd” where he does expert interviews every week.

Be sure to stop by the Flip Nerd site and check it out. He has a ton of information over there.


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