Networking Tips for Building Profitable Business Relationships Today’s show is all about networking.  We’re going to give you some networking tips for building profitable business relationships that will pay dividends for years to come.

Most people get the marketing piece right. Make no mistake marketing is the foundation for success of any business, however networking is a close second. In fact I believe successful networking is one of the most important (yet overlooked) activities for most businesses.

When done correctly, networking will build long term relationships that will prove to be very valuable over time. Those same relationships will not only continue to bring you deals but many opportunities that you just can’t imagine today. .


Joining me on my show today is my friend Mike Hambright from Dallas Texas.  Most of you know Mike from the awesome Flip Nerd platform, but he has also built a successful real estate investing business in his market. Mike is a blogger, a podcaster and a coach to name just a few things. What many of you might not know is that he has really mastered the whole “networking thing”.

It isn’t enough to just go out and meet people. You need ways to stand out in the minds of those people you meet. You also need to have a purpose when you attend networking events.


Show Notes

  • I love the topic of today’s podcast.  This information is something any entrepreneur can use to grow their business.
  • The importance of building a network
  • Is there a correct way to network?
  • Understanding what you want to accomplish before you go; having a desired outcome
  • The importance of building long term relationships
  • Networking tips for getting the most out of any event
  • Why it’s crucial to follow up after a networking event
  • Tips for following up with prospects
  • Why you need to create a platform
  • The reason you need to think long term when it comes to networking


Listen to the Podcast Here


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Networking Tips for Building Profitable Business Relationships Be sure to stop by the Flip Nerd site.  There is a lot of great information over there. You can also reach out to Mike if you have a question.



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