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You know how I love stories about part-time real estate investors that make the leap from employee to full time entrepreneur. Today I have one of those success stories.  My guest is Seth Williams of REtipster.

Seth has been a guest on my show before.  If you missed that podcast you might want to check it out.  In that episode, we talked about flipping land and building a successful real estate investing business while working a demanding full time job.  Look for that link below.


Today's Show

In today's show we switched gears.  Seth talks about leaving his job in commercial banking (and that nice secure paycheck) to enter the world of full time entrepreneurship.  Has he ever regretted that decision?  I'll let him tell you about that.


Show Notes

  • Part-time investing vs full time investing
  • Deciding to leave that nice safe paycheck; when is the time right?
  • Getting ready; the steps you need to take before you make the leap
  • Seth's first few months of full time entrepreneurship
  • Why you need schedules and routines
  • Don't get hung up on losing your health insurance
  • Seth's advice for someone who wants to go from employee to full time entrepreneur


Here's Your Video Interview

Find out how Seth went from employee to full time entrepreneur, and the steps to take if you want to “escape the 9 to 5”.


Check Out the Flipping Land Podcast

Flipping Land Podcast # 5 with Seth Williams.


Meet Seth

From Employee to Full Time EntrepreneurSeth Williams is an experienced land investor and residential income property owner with nearly a decade of experience in the commercial banking industry. He is also the Founder of REtipster – a real estate investing blog that offers real world guidance for part-time real estate investors.

Check out Seth's site here at REtipster.


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