Flipping 1000 Houses

For everyone that feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, flipping 1000 houses while raising 5 children probably seems like an impossible task. But that’s just what San Antonio investor Melissa Johnson has done since 2003. 

Melissa is a successful real estate investor who has also built a portfolio of rental properties and real estate notes. She coaches other high-level real estate investors, and she is the co-founder of the San Antonio, InvestHer meet up group.


Show Notes

Here are some of the highlights of this show:

  • Melissa’s story: getting started almost 20 years ago in a very male-dominated field
  • Why she chose flipping as her main investing strategy
  • How she did owner financing on properties, then sold that note for 95% of its value
  • Women in real estate: why Melissa thinks it has taken so long for women to catch up
  • Why real estate is the perfect business for women and especially working moms
  • The reason mindset and confidence are two major stumbling blocks for female real estate investors
  • Challenges unique to women in this business
  • Why you must have systems and processes
  • The importance of building your network
  • Starting a new podcast
  • Melissa’s final advice for any woman wanting to get in this business


Be sure to check out Melissa’s website, The Melissa Johnson.  You can do that by clicking here. 

You can find her podcast, E3 on Stitcher.  Hit Melissa up on all social media platforms. 


Here's Your Video  – Flipping 1000 Houses While Raising 5 Children with Melissa Johnson

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About Melissa

Flipping 1000 HousesMelissa Johnson has been flipping houses in San Antonio, TX since 2003, growing and expanding the business into a thriving real estate investment operation. With over 1000 houses flipped, she has also built a portfolio of rental properties and real estate notes while raising five children. She provides coaching, support, and education for other high-level real estate investors nationwide. As co-founder of the San Antonio InvestHer meets up group and an active member of the Forbes Council on Real Estate, and the National Association of Women Business Owners, she is dedicated to the success and empowerment of women in business.

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