How to Create an Absentee Owner List Using Listsource

February 3, 2016 in Investing In Real Estate, Videos


Creating an Absentee Owner List


Over time, you will need different type of lists in your business depending on the types of marketing campaigns you decide on.  You can create a very specific lists with Listsource. It's also pretty affordable. Today's video is on how to create an absentee owner list using Listcource.

In most cases you can get probate lists locally.  This is one list most of the major list companies don't have.


How Often Do I Need a New Absentee Owner List?

You only need to get a new list about every 6 months, so once you purchase your list you can use it over and over. Once you know how to create an absentee owner list, you just use the same procedure to put together any of your lists for your business.


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