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Today I have some tips for you on how to make better videos with your smartphone.  This one is really important for those folks that use their phones to make quick videos (which is just about everyone).

Here it is; the big tip.  Turn the phone sideways.


Why does it Matter?

Let's take a look.

Video tipsIf you hold your phone upright like you would if you were talking on the phone, your video will look like this one at the right.

Notice the black strips on the sides of the video?  This is because of the way you are holding your phone.


Now Turn Your Phone the Other Way

When you turn your phone sideways and shoot the video, you completely fill up the space.

Take a look at this example:

video tips

This is much better.

There has never been a time in history when it was so easy to brand yourself.  All you have to do is pull out your phone and hit record.


What Are People Looking For?

What are people looking for when they decide whether or not to watch your video?

Content, content, content. And good audio.

The people watching are willing to forgive a multitude of sins.  They can overlook a lot of things, but they're not going to watch if the sound is bad or if you don't have something of interest to say.


You've Only Got 7 Seconds

Experts say that you have 7 seconds or less to get people's attention so you need to tell them upfront why they should watch. Also, treat them like friends. Assume they are loyal viewers right from the beginning.

Say something like this: “Welcome back.  My tip for today is on…..”  Or you can say, “Welcome back.  Today we are going to talk about how to get better results with your direct mail”.  Tell them in those first few seconds what you


Here Are a Few More Tips for Better Videos

  • Solid colored tops work best (You know I wore that top on purpose right?)
  • Lighting counts.  I purposely didn't add any lighting for these shots and they're not great. Either be sure you have good natural light, or invest in some Cowboy Lighting.
  • You're probably going to need a lapel mic once you get away from the phone a couple of feet.  You can get one for under $25.  Remember that you will lose people immediately if the sound is bad.
  • Simple backgrounds work best.  Look at my area. Too much stuff in the frame! Think less distractions from what you have to share.
  • Short videos are better. 2 to 3 minutes is optimal unless you are teaching a broader topic.
  • Remember to turn your smartphone sideways.

There are a ton of editing tools for your phone if you're interested in video editing. I usually upload mine to movie maker on my PC and edit from there.   You can also check out Adobe Spark if you want to get a little more creative and add slides/pictures in your videos.

I would love to know how you are using video in your business for marketing and branding.  Leave me a comment below.


Resources to Help You Make Better Videos

Cowboy Lighting


Smartphone Mic


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