How to Make Yourself Irrelevant to Your Business with Mark Podolsky – Podcast #54

May 26, 2015 in Investing In Real Estate, Podcasts

My guest today is Mark Podolsky AKA the “Land Geek”.

Mark and I did a podcast a while back where we talked about investing in land, and why he thinks this is the perfect investing strategy for him.

Today we are going to talk about a topic that will be of interest to all entrepreneurs, and that is how to make yourself irrelevant to your business.

Let’s face it; the last thing we wanted to do when we opened our business was to create another “JOB” for ourselves.  In today’s show Mark shares his tips for building a business that runs without you.

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Show Notes

This is a great show for anyone looking to grow their business.  Mark shares some pretty impressive statistics of exactly how much and how fast he grew when he was finally able to let go of some of the work.  Here are just a few of the things we talked about in this podcast:

  • Why it’s so hard to create systems that will get you out of “the job” (AKA your business)
  • Why you must make yourself irrelevant to your business
  • Solo economic dependency and why you don’t want this
  • Which comes first; the systems and automation or hiring team members?
  • Tips for training your first team members
  • Getting your VA’s involved in creating their own standard operating procedures
  • Deciding what to outsource first
  • Mark’s philosophy; be slow to hire and quick to fire
  • How to determine which position you should you hire someone for first
  • How to hire “A list” team members
  • Leveraging technology to make the process easier
  • Automating your business so it doesn’t need “YOU”
  • Why it’s essential to your success that you hire a hustler
  • Tips for holding on to great team members
  • “Wow gifts”
  • Mark’s final tips for success

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Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

  • For Mac Users:  Screenflow and Clarify
  • For PC Users:  Camtasia and Screencast-O-Matic
  • For everyone: Asana and Basecamp


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About Mark

The land geekBe sure to stop by Mark’s site “The Land Geek and check out his awesome podcasts The Land Geek Podcasts and The Best Passive Income Podcasts. Both are excellent.

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