buy houses in probate

Today's show is all about how you can buy houses in probate IF you have the right letter. (A lot of houses.)

You all know that I think probates are one of the best niches in real estate investing. The reason is of course that these folks almost always have to sell the house to settle the estate.

What that means to us is that it’s either going to be listed with a Realtor on the MLS or sold to an investor. When it's an investor deal, we want to be the investor that stands out in the crowd.  I’m going to tell you how you can do that in today's show.  This one is a little different because I have both a screencast video and an audio.


How Do You Reach these Motivated Sellers to Buy Houses in Probate?

The way you reach these motivated sellers is not by picking up the phone and calling someone who’s mama has passed away. You do that by sending a nurture series of direct mail letters.  Your goal is to be there when the family is ready to sell.  It really is that simple.

In today’s show I’m going to deconstruct a sample probate letter so that you understand how it is written and why it is the way it is.  I’m also going to give you the opportunity to get a sample probate letter to have for yourself.  Now if you remember I’ve been talking about my Probate Investing Roadmap a lot lately that I have completely free for you just for the asking.  I’m going to put both of those links at the end of the show.


Show Notes

5 Things You Need to Understand

There are 5 things that you really need to understand about marketing to probates, and those are the things we’re going over today.

  1. Why I think it’s so important to use this type of mail piece
  2. How many letters do you send? When do you start and when do you stop?
  3. Why this is called a nurture series
  4. Why I think you don’t need to be concerned about all your “competition”.
  5. And finally, the probate letter itself.  Let’s take it piece by piece.



With my Probate Investing Roadmap and a sample probate letter you can totally get started with probate investing just with those resources.

But if you really want to learn the entire process, the mindset of the seller, and get a really in-depth view of how to build a probate investing business, I strongly encourage you to invest in my comprehensive course Probate Investing Simplified. But know that you can get started with my sample probate letter and my Probate Investing Roadmap.

Click here to get your Probate Investing Roadmap.

Click here to get your Sample Probate Letter.


Here's Your Video – How You Can Buy Houses in Probate IF You Have the Right Letter

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