Getting Started


This post is going to be short today, because this topic is really easy to cover. It’s sometimes hard to implement, but the solution to the problem is an easy one to figure out.

Here’s the million dollar question:  “What can I do to finally move past fear and procrastination and get started”?


Get Over Your Excuses and Throw Out the Mile Long To Do List

I have heard more excuses this week than I have heard in a long time from people that can’t seem to just get started in real estate investing.  They have to wait until the stars are “perfectly aligned” to begin. You know; reasons like these:

  • I haven’t decided on a logo
  • I need to decide whether or not to set up an LLC
  • I have to research what color postcard to use – yellow or green
  • I don’t have a good picture to use in my marketing
  • I can’t figure out whether to use white or colored envelopes for my mailing
  • I’m not sure what area to target for my buy and holds
  • I’ll get started as soon as I decide whether to just use my name or have company me
  •  I have another course I have to complete, and then I will be ready

I can probably list at least a dozen more of these reasons why folks say they just can’t seem to get started; reasons they just can’t take those first steps.   But if you will take a close look at the list you will notice that none of these things are essential for getting started in real estate investing.  They are details that can be figured out along the way.  The world won’t come crashing down because the color of your envelope is wrong.  Not having a logo will have absolutely no impact on your business.


Everything Is Figureoutable

One thing I have learned in the past few years that has served me well is to just say yes and figure out the details later.  As Marie Forlio says, “Everything is figureoutable”. That is the simple truth.


What Is Really Going On?

Why is getting started so hard?  There are two main reasons. Some people are so paralyzed by fear they just don’t do anything. Rather than risk making a mistake and then having to make a course correction, they never take any action at all. They read books and blogs, buy courses, and go to seminars and meetings.  That’s where they stay forever; in their comfort zone which is the road to “no-where”.

Others are waiting for everything to be perfect and to have every detail figured out.  But the truth is that it will never be perfect and you will never know it all.  So accept that and move on.  Free yourself today from “perfection”.


Here’s the Real Secret to Success; the Magic Formula:

You need to get some education, but you don’t need an MBA in real estate investing to get started. You just need to be “enrolled in school” and commit to being a lifelong learner.  So get some basic education, and then give yourself a time-table or a deadline for taking actionable steps for getting your first property under contract.

 Subscribe to the “no excuses” method.

Just do it. Get a plan, set a deadline and begin.


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