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We often talk about niches in real estate investing.  My guest today is Mike Simmons, and Mike has taken this very same concept and used it when creating his podcast “Just Start Real Estate”.

I love the fact that Mike’s site is very clear on who it is intended for; it is clearly intended beginners. Mike’s site will help anyone that is currently sitting on the fence, to” just start” as the name implies. “You are going to love Mike’s energy in this podcast.   He was an open book when it came to talking about things he did right and also he did wrong.  So let’s dive in!

Show Notes  

Sometimes the hardest part about this business is just getting started.   Here is Mike”s story and some actionable steps you can take get off the fence and build a business you love.

  • Why Mike was passionate about starting a podcast just for beginners
  • How to get unstuck and “just start”
  • How Mike got started and ended up choosing real estate investing
  • The importance of doing your first deal sooner rather than later
  • The first deal Mike got an accepted offer on and why it didn’t close
  • Mike’s first deal that he bought
  • Learning a hard lesson about contractors
  • Mike’s love of rehabbing and differentiating yourself from the competition
  • How he finds his deals
  • Why he no longer invests in certain areas
  • Starting his podcast; why it’s a perfect vehicle for introverts
  • REIA groups and the importance of networking
  • Identifying the “players” in your REI group
  • How marketing your properties online that are for sale opens “unexpected doors” for you
  • Finding private lenders
  • Mike’s best tips for getting started as a newbie; focusing on the big 3
  • Why choosing a real estate investing strategy is kind of like dating
  • Setting a timeline for getting off the fence and taking action


Words of wisdom from Mike:

It's a tweetable!    ” When you're networking, don't be aggressive. You don't want to be like a 19 year old boy on a first date”. 

You Can Listen to the Podcast Here


[podcast title=”How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate with Mike Simmons Part 1″]http://traffic.libsyn.com/letstalkrealestateinvesting/MikeSimmonsLetsTalkRealEstateInvestinge20p1.mp3[/podcast]

Part 2.

[podcast title=”How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate with Mike Simmons – Part 2″]http://traffic.libsyn.com/letstalkrealestateinvesting/MikeSimmonsLetsTalkRealEstateInvestinge20p2.mp3[/podcast]

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Mike's Site

Be sure to head over to Mike's site and listen to his podcasts.  He has about 175 shows at this time.   That's a lot of talking for an introvert!  You can do that by clicking here…….  

About Mike

Just Start REI PodcastMike is a real estate investor, husband, and father.  He started his real estate investing career a few years back and has done a number of very profitable real estate flips. His site “Just Start Real Estate is all about catering to new and inexperienced real estate investors.  You won't find complex real estate tactics and techniques there.  He is focused on helping people start their real estate investing career the right way.

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