I have a confession to make.  I am embarrassed to say that I have been dragging my feet for a while now, and in the process I put off doing something I needed to do several months ago.

What’s that?  I needed to share something with you.

There is a fantastic REI website product that I have been using for a couple of months, but I have kept it to myself because of – here you go – “I didn’t have everything perfect”. (Folks that know me are probably saying, “Imagine that.”)

We all know perfectionism is a major crime in the business world.  As my friend would say, “It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be done”.  Just get your “thing” out there and then work on perfecting it.  I know that.

So why is it that I had the need to “tinker” with it?

After all, this product has proven time and time again that it works just the way it is – right out of the box so to speak.  I just wanted to get some customization done, put up my own free report, make a short “About Me” video, etc., etc., etc. before sharing it with my readers which was totally unnecessary.

I’m just blaming it on being a Libra.  Everyone knows that Libra’s like everything to be pretty. For us, everything has to be aesthetically pleasing, you have to get the colors right and god knows things have to be symmetrical.  Being a Libra is really hard work (but things are pretty).


My second confession would be that I have tried numerous website products over the years including my own Wordpress website.  Did they bring in leads and help me close deals?  Not so much (but they were pretty).

When I heard about InvestorCarrot REI Websites, I knew I had to take a look. Trevor Mauch the creator of InvestorCarrot, has a great reputation in this business. But this is about more than just someone’s reputation. He is also a real estate investor and that was the huge difference.  He knew exactly what this website needed to deliver.


Trevor and his team knew and understood–

  • SEO
  • Traffic generation
  • How the site needed to function to attract and convert more leads
  • That the site needed a certain layout to for the best functionality
  • It needed lead magnets (freebies)
  • It needed to appeal to individuals and their specific problems

InvestorCarrot does all of this and more; and it looks good!


To steal a line from the InvestorCarrot Website,

“InvestorCarrot makes it easy to manage your real estate investing website, generate leads, build credibility, and take control over your online brand and marketing once and for all”.

What a powerful statement!  Isn’t that what we all want?

Most real estate investors are entrepreneurs that are small business people.  They are often short of time and money.  More often than not they are the first person to tell you they have a website that is a dud. They know it isn’t pulling in any leads, but they just don’t have time or the skills needed to fix it.


The Affordable Solution

I’m pretty sure you are expecting this product to be expensive aren’t you?  Well, prepare to be disappointed if that’s the case.

How does $29 a month sound?  That’s all it is for one website.  Need two sites? You can have that for just $10 more.  InvestorCarrot has plans for every business no matter what your needs happen to be.

They have fully customizable sites for:

  • Investors (Cash Buyers)
  • Sellers (Discount Properties)
  • Dwellers (Tenants and Retail Buyers)

Each one of these groups of folks all needs a different message.  With InvestorCarrot you have that AND you can have everything set up in just a matter of hours.


Let me ask you this…

How many months (or years) have you been waiting to put together a website for your real estate investing business that really pulls in leads?  How long have you been “planning to get it done”?

Full disclosure here; I love this product so much I am an affiliate. But I never promote something I don’t love, and I love this product! There is also a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

  • Just to recap you will not only get an awesome website, you will also get:
  • Unlimited squeeze pages with their custom squeeze page designs
  • Free support and lifetime system upgrades
  • Free access to their monthly “Lead Generation Training and Internet Marketing Training”
  • All sites are professionally designed and maintained and are SEO optimized



Top Notch Training

InvestorCarrot is built on a WordPress platform, but if you’re not a WordPress pro don’t let that stop you.  There are tutorials on every topic and a great, responsive support team if you need help. I have used the tutorials myself (you know I’m not a techie), and I can tell you that they are easy to use.

Once you have made the decision to give InvestorCarrot a try, I really encourage you to sign up for the “3 Lead per Day System Training”.  This is an additional one-time fee, but I believe this training is invaluable for growing your business.  Here are a few of the things you will have access to:

  • How Search Works
  • Magic Keywords
  • Google Places Power
  • Google+ Secrets
  • Video Domination
  • Special Training Webinars
  • PPC Takeover and much more

Be sure to check this training out because it is a phenomenal bargain.


Take a Tour

Head on over to the site and check it out for yourself.   Just click here to take a tour ….    


PS – I should have that video finished by the first of the week. 🙂  You can check out my site here: 




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