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Investors often tell me that their probate direct mail campaigns aren’t working or that they’re getting a poor response. There is no average timeline for when the executor will sell the home in an estate.  Things must happen in a certain order when it comes to estates. First of all, the probate process has to get to the stage where the house can be sold.  Next, the family must be mentally ready to move on and sell the property.

There are a lot of reasons why they might delay selling the property, but it might not be them. It might be you and your direct mail campaigns that are to blame.

If you aren’t getting the response rates you were expecting from your mailings, it’s time to look at your process.  If one or more of the components of your probate direct mail campaign is missing, that’s most likely the problem.  Today I’m going to cover those 4 main components that are directly related to the success of your direct mail campaigns.


Show Notes

The 4 Main Components of Probate Direct Mail Campaigns

#1. The List

There are over 3300 counties in the US and each one of them has a different procedure for getting the leads.  In this podcast, I’ll tell you where to look. You’ll likely have to do some detective work.

#2. The Mail Piece

Does the mail piece you use make a difference in your response rates from your mailings?  Absolutely!  When it comes to postcards vs letters, there is one type of mail piece that outperforms all the others.

#3. The Message

It’s obvious that the message would be different for people in probate than other niches, but there is a lot more to it than that.  How exactly do you start the conversation with this particular group of sellers?  Your message and how you deliver it is so important.

#4. The Campaigns

When you start your direct mail campaigns, how long you mail to these folks, and the frequency of your mailings directly impacts your results.


Bonus Tip

Here is a question that I get all the time; “Is there ever a time when you should put your direct mail campaigns on hold for a month”? Yes, there is.  The first holiday season after someone passes away is a particularly difficult time for the family. I recommend that you pause your mailings at the beginning of December, then resume them around the middle of January.


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