A while back I was asked to write a series of guest posts on probate investing by my friend Justin Williams for his blog House Flipping HQ which by the way is an awesome blog.  Justin flips over 100 houses a year “hands off” right in his own backyard.

Folks that are familiar with me know that I love the niche of probate investing.  I like to call it the “low hanging fruit” because these folks almost always have a house the want to get rid of.  These are very motivated sellers.  They don't want the house; they just want the cash that is sitting in the house.  Direct mail is my #1 strategy for generating leads, and this is especially true for probates.


Part 1

In this first part of this series, I dove into understanding the basics of how probate investing works.  It's not really particularly difficult, but there are some things you need to understand about working in this niche.

Do you know what the 3 categories of houses are in probate investing?


Probate Investing; Understanding the Basics – Just Click Here for Part 1 of this Series

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