Mobile Home Investing

My guest for today’s podcast is Rachel Hernandez better known as the “Mobile Home Gurl”.

Rachel is an expert in her field, and she shared wealth of information on the podcast about investing in mobile homes. I believe this is an overlooked niche that a lot of people can profit from.

Not only is Rachel an active real estate investor, she is a blogger and the author of a book called “Adventures in Mobile Homes” .  If you want to learn how to get started investing in mobile homes her is book is a great resource.

You may not have thought about this particular niche as one of your real estate investing strategies, but I have to tell you that this is a very interesting investing strategy to explore.  You can get started with very little money and ultimately own a pretty large number of mobile homes for the price you would pay for one or two single family homes.

One thing I really love about Rachel’s story is exactly how she ended up selling her portfolio of single family homes to invest in mobile homes.


Show Notes

Here is a sample of what we discussed on this podcast:

  • Rachel’s first niche; single family homes
  • Why Rachel decided to change her investing strategy to invest in mobile homes
  • Her first mobile home buying experience
  • Finding deals
  • How to determine the value of a mobile home
  • The importance of networking to grow your business
  • The importance of getting to know the park manager
  • Mobile home “neighborhoods” – how to know you have found a good one
  • The perks you commonly find in a higher end mobile home park
  • How mobile home parks are similar to neighborhoods with single family homes; renter’s vs homeowners
  • Do you need a dealer’s license to work in this niche?
  • Is there a “type” of mobile home that is better for folks to invest in?
  • The importance of getting to know the new mobile home dealers in your area
  • Finding buyers for your mobile home flips
  • Who should be on your team when you are a mobile home investor


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Part 2.


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Rachel's Site

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