Keyword resourceIt's the season of giving, and I have another great FREE resource for you today.  It's the “SEO Keyword Bible for Investors”. This is an enormously useful resource for investors.

For most people, keywords and how to use them correctly can be very confusing.

Here is the thing you need to know: your biggest source of leads to your website will come from organic traffic. It will come from searchable keyword and phrases. When you have a basic understanding of how keywords work and how to use them on your website, you will generate more traffic which means you will get more leads.


SEO for Real Estate Investors

When you click on the link below to get your free copy of the “SEO Keyword Bible for Investors”, it will take you to a page that has several short videos. Don't be tempted to skip over the videos.

These videos will explain in great detail how to use this free resource no matter what type of website you have. This information isn't just for Carrot websites so take a little time and dive into those videos. You will find it's beneficial no matter what type of website you have.

The “SEO Keyword Bible for Investors” will show you the steps to take to get more leads to your website 24/7. This free checklist has 16 actionable steps for improving SEO on your website.

Get Your Free SEO Bible for Investors by Clicking Here…


The Videos

In video #1 you will get a good overview of keywords, what they are and how to use them.

The 3 C's for Conversion

In video #2, you will find a lot more actionable information  Here is just a taste of what you will learn starting with the “3 C's for Conversion”.

1. Cell phone conversion.  You need to pay attention to mobile. Over 21% of the Carrot leads came from cell keywordsphones. In this video you will also learn you why your conversion rate is higher on mobile.  Now that's interesting.

2.Call to Action Area. This area needs to be visible so it's easy to for folks to contact you.  You also need a very clear benefit statement. People want to quickly be able to identify how you can help them. (Remember that it's all about them.)

3. Credibility Boosters.  In this part of video #2, you will learn “10 things people are looking for on a website to determine if they want to work with you”.  You don't want potential sellers to leave your site based on a bad first impression of your site. One last tip. Don't forget to add testimonials from satisfied customers.

Using the Training Videos to Help You Get More Leads

  • In video #1 you will learn how to add keywords and keyword phrases. Using keywords properly will help that organic traffic find your website.
  • In Video #2, you will learn how to convert more leads.  Once you get those valuable leads, how do you convert more of them into sales?  You will learn 4 simple ways to get more buyer and seller leads without extra traffic.  You would like to know that right?  You will learn to focus on lead volume increase before you worry about lead conversion.
  • Video #3 is a free webinar that you can watch that will go into this process in more depth.


Do You Need a Better Lead Generation Website?

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Get Your SEO Keyword Bible for Investors Here

Just Click Here: SEO Keyword Bible for Real Estate Investors  


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