Don't be an askholeI've had several people ask me recently about a post I wrote 3 years ago called “Don't Be an Askhole; Tips for Building a Relationship With Your Mentor”.

These investors, having experienced the same problem I was having (and continue to have), asked me if I would re-post that article.  I guess times really haven't changed that much.

There really is no “easy button” in this business.  You have to put in the time, do the work, and pay your dues. However there are more free resources than ever to help folks willing to spend their time learning the business.

Most of the seasoned investors I know are happy to help out, but the person asking for help needs to do their part too.


It Goes Like This… The Askhole….

Someone asks you for advice. The mentor takes time out of his or her busy schedule to answer those questions, and there are usually a lot of questions. This is free advice, so we're not talking about paying a coach.

Next week… the same person comes back again with the same questions and the same problem.

Did they follow the advice you gave them?

Not even a tiny little bit. They went off and “did their thing” that got them the same results (none), and they are back again.  Same problem. Same questions. Same results.

For those of us on the other end of those conversations it is extremely frustrating.  Not only has the person AKA “the askhole” not listened to the free advice you gave them or done anything at all, they are back and want more of your time and advice which they will never implement.  (This is exactly why people charge for their time.)


The Story that Prompted the Original Article

The story that prompted the actual blog post was really quite funny once I got over the shock of the request.  I have included the story in the blog post.  It's a quick read.  Enjoy and be sure to leave me your comments.

Click Here to Read “Don't Be an Askhole”. 

Do you have a story like mine to share?

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