direct mail for real estate investprsToday's blog post was inspired by all the questions I have gotten over the past couple of weeks on direct mail marketing.  It seems that everyone is in a “direct mail funk”.  Folks have sent out a mailing (or even two or three) and they just aren't getting the results they were expecting.  They expected to be closing deal after deal at this point in time.

In looking at each situation, I have found one common thread among all of these folks and that is they haven't been in the game long enough.  In each case, they have sent out a couple of mailings at most which really doesn't constitute a long running direct mail campaign.

There is a secret to success with direct mail in your real estate business.

Here's the secret; you have to keep mailing beyond that 5th mailing. That's it.  5 is the magic number. That really is the secret to success with direct mail.


It's All About the Statistics

I know statistics can be boring, but they are so important when it comes to direct mail marketing. Understanding these simple numbers, will change your business.  I wrote a post on this topic a while back, and I have put a link to that post below.  I have also made you a short video that goes over the major points.


Here Is A Short Video For You  


Here Is the Full Article

Statistics Aren't Always Sexy, but Great Results Are…..


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