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How to Take the Stress out of Talking to an Angry Seller – Best of the Best Show

Learning how to take the stress out of talking to an angry seller can be hard for some investors. In fact, I would say it is hard for most people. It's bound to happen at some point if you're doing direct mail marketing. After all, these folks are generally experiencing some type of stress in their lives.  It's most likely, some type of financial distress.

So, what do you do when you pick up the phone and you find yourself talking to an angry seller?  That's what we're going to talk about today. How to turn that conversation around so that it ends in a positive way.


The Reality…

We've all had it happen. Does this sound like you?

You've spent a lot of time and money sending out direct mail campaigns. First, you had to decide on the mail piece. Next, you planned out your campaigns for the next 4-6 months. Finally, that part is done and the mail has gone out. Maybe you did it yourself or outsourced it to a direct mail company, but either way, it's done.

Now you're just waiting for the phone to ring.

And…it does. But it's not what you expected. What you get is a call from an angry seller. Now you're faced with talking to them and in most cases, explaining why you contacted them.

Well, that was a surprise!

For the record, getting a call from an angry seller doesn't happen that often. It's more likely to happen with probates, but it can happen from any one of your mailings.  A cranky homeowner gets upset just because you mailed them. In this show, you're going to learn some tips for taking the stress out of handling calls from angry sellers.


Think About This for a Minute…

If you stop and think about this situation, it's completely irrational for a seller to get so upset over receiving a piece of mail. However, it happens every now and then. If you're just getting started you may not have had this experience (yet), but it will eventually happen to you too.

Does it upset me when I get one of these calls? No, it doesn't. Not anymore, but that's because I'm prepared now. I can tell you that it wasn't always that way. So how do you handle that conversation? Listen in to this quick marketing tip and see just how you handle one of these calls.


Want Another Example?

Check out this post called, “Mr. Bottom Feeder”. You'll get a good laugh (and a lesson).


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This blog which was originally published in 2017 has been updated.


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