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In today's podcast, I have some tips for generating motivated seller leads. Who doesn't need more leads?

In this show, I go over 25 tried and true ways to get your phone ringing.  Consistent marketing is not only the key to your success, but it’s also necessary for the survival of your real estate business.

This is what I know for sure; if you don’t have a steady stream of leads coming in the door you will be out of business in no time.

There are both free and paid marketing strategies. I firmly believe everyone should have both types in their toolbox.


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What’s My Favorite Free Strategy for Generating Motivated Seller Leads?


Networking is such an underrated activity. Most people don’t look at this as a real business building and marketing strategy. However I can tell you this; if you get good at networking, it will bring you unexpected benefits for years to come.

It really helps to know your desired outcome you want when you attend a networking event. Maybe one of these sounds like your situation:

Are you there to build your personal brand?

Is generating awareness for your business, programs or services your top priority?

Maybe you’re there to connect with influencers in your industry.

Whatever the reason, if know your “why”, you will be much more likely to reap the benefits of your time spent networking. Whenever you attend a marketing event go with the intention of meeting 3 or 4 people and get to know a little bit about them.


Lead Channels

Figuring out which lead channels (AKA marketing and lead generation strategies) to use in your business, will be based on a number of things.

First of all, do you have more time or money?

You will either need to spend your time or your money on your marketing. If you have money but have little time, you will likely jump right in and outsource.  If money is tight, it will be up to you to invest your time and take advantage of some of the no cost marketing strategies like networking and cold calling.

Another thing that will influence your decision is your personality. Take me for instance; I would rather walk across hot coals than do cold calling. I personally know people that prefer to jump on the phone for hours at a time as one of their free lead generation strategies. They enjoy it.

There really isn’t one magic formula for generating leads. My advice is to choose 3 to 5 strategies and implement them in your business now.  A plan without a plan of action isn’t really a plan so that’s your action step for today

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