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Could you use more leads for your business?  I'm pretty sure that answer is a resounding “YES”.  After all, who doesn't need more leads? Today's podcast is about a service that I love, Investor Carrot.

I can promise you that you can completely transform your real estate investing business with the right website.  It's true.

My guest today is Trevor Mauch from Investor Carrot. In today's podcast we are going to talk about exactly how you can transform your own business just by having the right websites; websites that are lead generating machines.

I’ve wanted to have Trevor on the show for quite a while now not only because he is the “go to guy” when you are looking for someone that is an expert with REI websites, but he is also passionate about entrepreneurship which is a favorite topic of mine.

(FYI – Trevor and I have some podcasts in the works for you after the first of the year on the broader topic of “entrepreneurship”.  I can’t wait to get started on that series).

Today we are not only going to dive into how you can actually transform your REI business in 2015 with the right websites, but also how you can supercharge the number of leads coming into your business with the tools available to you as an Carrot customer.


So Who is Trevor Mauch? 

Trevor Mauch - Investor Carrot - OncarrotTo tell you a little bit about Trevor, he lives in the small town of Roseburg Oregon. He is a serial entrepreneur having built his 1st million dollar business by the time he was 28.    One of Trevor’s companies called Carrot is a company that I have fallen in love with, and that’s what we are going to be talking about today. So exactly what does this company do?

“Carrot helps people more easily create websites to generate inbound leads”.

I love Trevor’s Mission Statement, because I think it really speaks to the kind of person he is. Check it out below…

Trevor’s current mission in life is driving him to create massive change in rural communities through entrepreneurship… starting in his hometown of Roseburg, Oregon.


Show Notes 

We covered a ton of information in this podcast.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • About Trevor
  • How his mission statement has shaped the direction of his business
  • How the “rural entrepreneurship” idea came about
  • Why is it absolutely essential that you have a website for your business?
  • The real reason the search term “we buy houses” is so powerful for real estate investors
  • Website conversion rates; what they are and how they work
  • Why the design of a website is so critical for a high conversion rate
  • The importance of having separate websites for sellers, cash buyers, money partners etc. and why you shouldn’t combine them
  • Why all of the changes to the Carrot Websites are always “performance-based”
  • What the vital components are that you need for a great website
  • Lead magnets
  • Important benefits if you work in more than one city
  • For every budget; the free weekly mastermind calls to grow your business
  • Why Carrot is the best solution for your website; your lead generation machine


Trevor’s Special Offer

Trevor has a special for folks that want to check out the Investor Carrot websites  This is the very same product that I use in my business, and I highly recommend both this company and the websites.

They have a money-back guarantee, so what do you have to lose? (Hint: Nothing!)

What do you have to gain? A steady stream of motivated seller leads!


The Carrot Special “Content Pro Plan + Training Bundle” 

You can Click Here to head on over to Carrot or check out all the goodies below.

Here's what you're about to get!

  • 3 Real Estate Investor Websites (buyer site, seller site, and main company credibility site)
  • 3 Lead Per Day Training System
  • Craigslist Posts2Profits Training System
  • 9 Key Ways To Build Credibility
  • Unlimited Squeeze Pages (w/ our custom squeeze page designs)
  • FREE Support and Lifetime System Upgrades
  • FREE access to our weekly LIVE Carrot Mastermind Calls


It's a Tweetable:

Trevor finally figured out why he wasn’t finding the success he wanted  –


You Can Listen to the Podcast Here 

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Final Thoughts

Trevor had a quote he shared during the podcast that was a huge eye opener for me.  The quote was by Oprah Winfrey- (It's a Tweetable too) ”

When Oprah was asked what she attributed here success to she said, “I attribute my success to staying in my own lane”- Oprah Winfrey.   In other words, quit doing all those things that aren’t your “core genius”.  For most of us myself included, that is creating a website that actually brings money in the door.


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