Wealth Building Strategies

Today’s show is all about wealth building strategies through real estate, so you’re really going to want to listen to this one.

My guest is a real superstar in this field. She is California investor, Linda Pliagas.  Linda has done wholesaling, fix and flips and more, but she’s a buy and hold investor at heart.  Linda has invested in single family homes, vacation homes. multi-family properties, as well as commercial properties. She also produces two awesome digital magazines, Realty 411 and REI Wealth. I’ve had the honor of writing for REI Wealth for a couple of years now. These are great publications that you need to check out.  Linda regularly hosts events for the sole purpose of educating real estate investors.


Buying her First Property as a College Student

Linda has a very interesting story to tell, and she loves real estate!

Her fascination with real estate began when she was still in college (which is also when she bought her first property). While she was in school, she came to realize how little she would be making as a journalist when she graduated. She was going to need a “side hustle” which of course turned out to be real estate investing.

So, how did she get started?

Like a lot of people, she bought an awful fixer upper that no one else wanted. That’s where it all started, and it’s what got her where she is today.


Show Notes

This podcast is full of wealth building strategies for investors at every level.  For women who are looking for a smart successful role model, Linda is that person.  I love that she started investing so young, and she continues to be a cutting-edge force in this business. She is an advocate for all investors both male and female, but she is passionate about helping women succeed in this business.

This is just a sample of what you’re going to learn in this show:

  • Just how creative Linda had to get to get her first few deals done, and why it’s not only OK but desirable to think outside the box when it comes to buying property.
  • How to use 1031 exchanges a little more strategically to build wealth
  • Why she prefers multi-family properties over single family homes
  • The advantage of owning single family homes that she likes the best
  • California earthquakes; how this affects her investing strategies
  • Investing out of state; why she did it and how she made it work
  • How she got to be a magazine publisher
  • Linda’s advice for anyone just getting started as well as those seasoned investors wanting to grow
  • Why she is such a proponent of continually educating yourself


Here's Your Podcast – Wealth Building Strategies Through Real Estate with Linda Pliagas podcast #187


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About Linda

Wealth building strategiesLinda Pliagas is an active investor, and she is the founder of Realty411 and Real Estate WEALTH magazine. She is also a licensed California real estate sales agent. While getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism she began investing in real estate as a college student.

Linda is also a wife and a mom. Today she has a heavy focus on her media business, which focuses on the real estate investing industry. You can reach out to Linda at this email: pliagas@msn.com.


Learn More About her Magazines

To find out more about her real estate magazines just click the links below.

REI Wealth Magazine

Realty 411


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