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Today I want to talk about why you should attend live events.

The most incredible things happen when you attend live events. This is true both for the guests as well as the hosts. You hope for … maybe even expect breakthroughs for the attendees. But what you might not know is how beneficial they are for the people hosting the events.

Recently my friend Barbara Grassey and I hosted our second Branding, Books and Beaches Bourbon event right here in my hometown of Louisville, KY.  We had a small group of smart, sassy female entrepreneurs join us for 3 fun filled days.  We had a blast!

Why are Small Group Events Better?

One huge difference in small group events when you compare them to a large group, is that you can really connect with the folks attending the event. It’s easy to work through problems, strategize with the group, and craft individualized implementation plans.

People that attend these types of events – especially those that have follow up support after the event, often see big results in a very short period of time. They have a renewed sense of focus. They are able to hit the ground running when they get home.


How Do the Hosts Benefit?

There are so many ways the hosts benefit.

First of all, by the time it’s over I have some new friends which is a great benefit. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to get to know these wicked smart entrepreneurs.

Secondly, we all learn from one another. Everyone has different experiences in their real estate investing businesses. Even though we are in the same business, each one of these businesses is very different.  We might learn about some specialized system, an app or software program they are using. There hasn’t been a time that I haven’t learned from the attendees.


The Photoshoots

Our last event was at Amelia Island Plantation in Florida, and we had a great photographer and videographer.  It's really important to have someone that puts everyone at ease.  (I'm not lying when I say this can be really stressful). Since we changed locations, we needed to hire a new photographer and a new videographer for the event here in Louisville, and we absolutely loved both of them.

As part of this event, each person got a professional photoshoot. They also get a professional, 2 camera videoshoot where each person makes an “about me” video to use on their websites and in all their marketing.

They did a great job and they were fun to work with!

I will put Katie's contact info below for anyone in the Louisville area that needs a photographer.


5 Reasons You Should Plan to Attend at Least 1 Live Event this Year

You’re probably wondering why I think you should plan to attend at least one live event before the end of the year. There are actually a lot of reasons, but here are five to get you started:

  1. They allow you to build relationships with other entrepreneurs that are not necessarily in your area.
  2. You have the opportunity to mastermind will like minded individuals.
  3. Small group events provide a unique opportunity for finding accountability partners.
  4. These events always leave you energized and ready to implement the new strategies you’ve learned.
  5. You make new friends!

If you’re in a rut; if you need a “boost” or a simply a mindset shift, I can almost guarantee you that you will get all that and more by attending a live event.  You’re also going to quickly learn that the other entrepreneurs at the event are facing the same challenges and problems that you are experiencing. The chances are good that they can show you how they conquered a similar problem or challenge in their business.

Just getting out of the office and away from your normal routine will leave you energized and excited about your business once again. You can’t put a price on that one.


How About You?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to take a few days off to completely unplug from your normal responsibilities so that you could invest in yourself and your entrepreneurial journey?

You owe it to yourself to do this at least once a year.



If you need a great photographer in the Louisville area, I have a couple of great recommendations for  you. Feel free to email the if you have questions.

Katie Perdue Photography

Reach out to Katie one of these ways:

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