Your Investments and Your GoalsMy guest today is Louisville investor Erik Hitzelberger. Today's show is about aligning your investments and your goals.

Erik and his partner Bryan Snider are the co-founders of Freedom Property Group. This company is a little bit different in that they don't think of themselves as a real estate company, but rather a company that provides financial education and investment opportunities, This is very purposeful branding on their part.

This is the first podcast in a series of three shows that Erik and I are going to do. As I said, the topic of this show is aligning your investments and your goals.  The next two shows will be on:

  • Why Financial Education is Key to Building any Successful Business
  • Why Turnkey Investing might be a good choice for you


Show Notes – Aligning Your Investments and Your Goals

  • Aligning your investments and your goals?  What exactly does that mean?
  • What actually is investing as opposed to work?
  • Defining the difference between income and wealth
  • Why you don't need a million dollars in the bank to retire
  • What the real question is you need to ask yourself
  • Goals and your why; the reason you probably won’t succeed unless you get clear on your “why”
  • Terms you you need to understand such as net income, wealth and passive income and how they relate to one another
  • Why is turnkey real estate investing so powerful


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To listen to part 2 of this series just click here: “Why Financial Education is Critical to Building Any Successful Business”.


About Erik Hitzelberger

Erik Hitzelberger - Sharon Vornholt- Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

Erik has been investing since 2007, and is the co-founder of Freedom Property Group in Louisville, KY.

Freedom Property Group is Kentucky’s premiere turn-key rental provider.  They make it easy for investors to purchase the right property, at the right price, with the right returns, from anywhere in the world.

To learn more about Freedom Property Group you can do that by clicking here.  You can also reach out to Erik or to get more information on how you can find out more about turn key investing you can email him at


If you want to schedule a 1 on 1 call with me to talk about specific strategies for building your brand and creating more effective marketing for your business, you can do that here by clicking this link.

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