Verge of Burnout


I want to talk about something that's on a lot of people's minds, and that is this feeling that they are on the verge of burnout. It’s often something that you just can’t put into words.

There's no doubt that we're all feeling Covid fatigue not only from all the restrictions but from the worry that comes along with this illness itself.  Most of us know someone that has suffered from Covid-19.  As a result, most of our lives have been changed.  We have a new normal.  Many people are working from home that has never done that before. Parents now find themselves homeschooling their children at the same time.  There's little time for self-care, and a lot of people feel like they are in survival mode. This puts together a pretty dangerous situation for millions of people.

If you feel like you are on the verge of burnout or even stressed out to the degree it’s affecting your ability to get through everyday life, this show is for you.


My Friend’s Story

I talked to a friend recently, and she told me that she was feeling blue. She didn't say depressed; she didn't say sad; she didn't say burned out.  Blue was the way she described how she felt.  She said, I can't put my finger on it, but I'm just not finding happiness in any facet of my life. Everything is hard. I just want to stay in bed. This is a story I’ve heard from a lot of people.

If you're feeling this sense of unrest, of overwhelm; it could be that on top of all the COVID fatigue that you're staring burnout in the face. Does this sound like you? If you feel like you're running on empty, now is the time is time to take note and do something about it.


Could You Be on the Verge of Burnout?

First, you need to recognize the warning signs.  What are the telltale signs of burnout?

1. Tiredness that just won’t go away.  Most people say it doesn't matter how much sleep they get they still feel tired all the time. So that's a big one. If you feel a sense of dread the moment you get out of bed that’s a tell-tale sign.  There are also other things that begin to happen.

2. You get careless. Or, maybe you forget to do things, you miss appointments, and you make mistakes you wouldn’t normally make. This is not just a matter of being over-scheduled. Your brain is not functioning properly when you are in this state.

3. Do you have the urge to “skip out” on commitments?

This is a common problem for people that are experiencing burnout. We put these obligations on ourselves in most cases. If you find that you just don’t want to show up for your commitments and don’t care about the repercussions, that should be a red flag.  A better solution is to take things off your plate.  Better yet, don't over-commit in the first place.  It’s OK to just say no.

4. Realize that Resting is not a Luxury

When you are on the verge of burnout, you need to get off the hamster wheel and get some rest. You need time to rest, you need time to think, and you need time to recover so that you can move forward.

5. Learn to Say No

This is a time when it’s essential that you put yourself first which will mean saying no to people and things that you would normally say yes to. We all tend to take on too much often out of obligation.  Understand that you have an obligation to yourself first at this time.

6. Ask Yourself this Question: “What do I need to stop doing”?

What are the things that are not essential to my well-being, my family's wellbeing, or are not essential to my business?  Are there things I can stop doing? Who can do these things for me?

If you can't afford a full-time employee, can you hire a part-time employee? Maybe you don't want employees. If that's the case, what about finding a contract worker and outsource some of the work to someone on a platform like Upwork?

How about this one? Just ask for help. Maybe you have a friend or a family member that could jump in and give you a break. Perhaps what you need is a day of childcare a week so that you can focus on your work without so much pressure.


What Should You Do Now?

The solution is to outsource some of the work.  Entrepreneurs as a whole work too hard, but I think it's safe to say that real estate investors wear too many hats. It can be hard for a lot of us to outsource and give up control.

However, once you come to the realization that you need help, you can begin taking steps to find a solution to this problem. It's not always easy especially in the beginning, but you’ll never look back once you start taking things off your plate.  Understand that in most cases it will take a while to find people that are the right fit.  If you’ve tried before and failed, know that this is common. The one thing that you don’t want to do is quit trying.  If you do that then this becomes a problem that never gets solved.


The Consequences of Ignoring the Warning Signs

I know for sure that when you find yourself in this place, it's a turning point in your life that you cannot ignore. You have to look at the problem squarely in the eye. Because if you don't; if you don't make some changes yourself, you're going to get a smackdown from the universe and that will finally get your attention.

Something will happen. You will get sick or you'll have a car accident because your attention is not where it should be. Or, you will forget something that causes an enormous problem either in your business or in your life.  I know someone that was so distracted due to burnout that they left home for an appointment and totally forgot they left food cooking on the stove.  They almost burned the house down.


Consciously Making Time for Yourself

What can you do during this time of Covid when you know you’re on the verge of burnout?

Make an appointment with yourself and figure out how to recharge. Maybe that involves…

  • Sitting in stillness
  • Meditation
  • Booking a massage
  • Finding time to be alone so that you can think
  • Taking time to read a book 
  • Napping when you need it 
  • Doing anything you find relaxing 

If treating yourself to something like a massage isn’t in your budget, send the rest of the family off for an afternoon drive so you can have that alone time that you so desperately need.


Ask Yourself this Final Question

Ask yourself this question and be honest. Am I really where I want to be, doing what I want to do? If the answer to this is no, this may be why you are exhausted and the reason you are on the verge of burnout. This is exactly where I found myself about a decade ago. I needed to leave a business that left me completely drained. One day I realized that I was unhappy and completely burned out.

Oftentimes when we quit doing something, it makes us feel like we’ve somehow failed. We often feel like we’ve thrown in the towel, and we feel guilty about that.  On the one hand, we don't want to admit that we’re not happy, that we no longer like doing whatever we're doing.  But to quit just doesn’t seem like an alternative.

If you ask yourself if you’re doing what you want to do, and the answer is no, that might just be why you feel the way you do.


Could It Be Time to Let Go?

If this is a business you saw in your head long ago that you worked hard to create, don’t feel bad admitting that it may no longer serve you. Even though it’s hard to let go at times, I would encourage you to take this time and really think about where you want to be, what you want to be doing, and begin to create this new reality for yourself.

Possibly you can do a complete pivot and begin to build your new future. Or this may involve making small changes in the beginning. Whatever that looks like, just make the decision and take the first steps.  It all begins by figuring out what it is you want.

What are you feeling right now?  I would love to know if you’re on the edge of burnout.


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