Article Marketing

Article marketing is a great way to build awareness about your business and your brand. It is a marketing strategy used by a lot of savvy entrepreneurs. When it is done correctly, you can send a lot of traffic to your site.

Conventional wisdom used to say to write a lot of content and post it on Ezine which is considered to be the “premier” site for article marketing. It seems that the general feeling today is to write fewer individual articles and post them on several article submission sites.

A word of warning; you have to be very careful not to post identical articles on different sites. You will need to make some changes or do some re-writing each time you post the article. But if you’ve got a really good article, making these changes is a whole lot simpler than writing a lot of different articles. It’s a good idea to just pick 5 of the top sites to re-post your articles that have been re-written.

One good thing about article marketing is that if you have written a quality article, there is a good chance it will be published on another site. When you submit an article to one of the article directories, you are normally giving others permission to re-publish your article so long as your bio and link remains intact. Anytime your article gets picked up by another source, this is good for your site.

If you are a blogger, don’t forget to add sharing tools to your site to make it easy folks to share your articles. It also makes it easier for you to submit your articles to other directories and bookmarking sites. There are a number of tools for this purpose, but I personally love one called “Sexy Bookmarks” by Shareholic. It’s a free plugin for Wordpress users.


The Rules Of the Road

You need to know that there are rules about posting articles on most sites. Ezine is probably that is the strictest about their rules. They are very picky! But Ezine is the #1 site to submit your articles. If you write on several different subjects or have several different sites, you can create a custom bio each time you post an article. Links are typically just allowed in the bio box, and cannot be in the article itself. Links to affiliate products are also generally not allowed.


Guest Posting

Another great way to get the word out about your business is to write guest posts for other sites. I accept guest posts for my site. But in most cases, I have to know the person before I will do this. It could be another real estate investor I have spent time interacting with online perhaps on facebook; or it may be someone that I met at my local REIA or other networking event. Or this person may not be in real estate, but might have a complimentary business or skill my readers would love to hear about. I just have to know that they provide quality content, and generally share the same business values that I have.

If you have established a presence in your niche, reach out to other business owners and ask if they would allow you to submit a guest post. Most of these busy entrepreneurs are happy to have quality content for their site that they didn’t have to write. If they know you and the quality of your work, they will very likely say yes. This is definitely the time you want to reciprocate. Offer to let them write an article for your site.

The more you are able to help someone else, the more success you will find coming your way.


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