When you are an entrepreneur of any kind, you typically wear a lot of different hats. Real estate investors in particular spend a lot of time driving around looking at property.  It can be tough to get all of the “in office” tasks done especially when you are still a “one man” or “one woman” shop.

When you’re building a business of any kind, you want to bring awareness to what you do. If you have a website or blog, you will want to do things that will drive traffic to your site.

One of the ways that you can bring awareness to your profession and your business is through article writing. I am talking about articles that you post on sites like Ezine and other popular article sites. It’s pretty easy in the beginning to post an article now and then. But what happens as your business grows and you find you have less and less time for this activity, but you need to be posting more articles than ever?  Perhaps you are launching a product or new service that you want folks to know about. In addition to video which we all know is great, I still like getting quality articles out.


IWriter to the Rescue

I recently tried an article writing service that I have fallen in love with called iWriter.  They are an internet based article writing service that is not just affordable, but they are cheap! You can get a 500 word article written for as little as $3.00. Imagine that!

Your first thought might be, “Well I’ll bet the articles aren’t very good”. I’m here to tell you I have found some great writers on this site.  There will be some trial and error involved for sure, but you don’t have to worry about spending money for articles that don’t meet your standards. You only pay for articles you accept. You can simply reject an article if you don’t like it, and it doesn’t cost you anything. Another writer will just pick up the order and write the article for you. Once again, you either accept or reject the article.

Last week was my first time to order articles, and I rejected several articles when they came back. I also found 3 writers that I was very happy with. I’m pretty picky and I admit that I made a couple of minor tweaks to the articles. But using this site to write those articles saved me so much time.

Another feature of the site is when the articles come back you have the option to permanently “reject” those writers you weren’t happy with.  You can also put writers you like on a list within your account so that you can use them again.


This Is How iWriter Works

When you first go to their site they have a short video tutorial that will tell you exactly how the site works as well as answering all of the frequently asked questions.  You will then create a free account and you are ready to go.

When you want to order articles you just click on the tab and fill out some information about the type of article you want written. You can order multiple articles from this one screen and list the keywords you want to target. You will get an email when an article has been written. You have 48 hours to accept or reject the article. If you don’t act on it within this time period, then the article is marked as accepted. That’s it. This site is drop dead simple.


Popular Article Sites

Ezine.com by far is the most popular site for article writers. Be sure to check out their site requirements before submitting articles. They get a lot of traffic so this is a great place to post articles.

Here are a couple of other sites:
  • GoArticles.com
  • ArticleBase.com
  • ArticleDashboard.com

I would encourage everyone to give iWriter a try. I think you are going to love it. You can find them here at http://www.iWriter.com.



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