real estate investingIf you are like most investors, building an 8 figure business is probably something you just can’t wrap your brain around. That’s a mighty big number.

My guest today is Andrew Holmes from Chicago. Andrew has built his 8 figure business in just 6 years. His company, Chicago Cash Flow, is the #1 flipping team in Chicago.  They have done over 700 flips and own more than 170 rentals. Andrew is also the founder of Chicago REIA.

One of the most important takeaways from this podcast is the importance of systems.  If you are trying to build a big business like whether or not it's an 8 figure business, you don’t want to miss this show.

Show Notes

We covered a lot in this podcast, but here are just a few  of those things:

  • How Andrew got started
  • Andrew’s primary investing strategies and why he chose them
  • “Owning the transaction”
  • His primary ways of finding deals
  • Building systems in your business
  • Why systems are so important for scaling your business
  • His business model – Flipping for a Living and 2-5-7 Cash Flow for Life
  • How this helped with building an 8 figure business
  • Founding one of the largest REIA’s in the country
  • Building his team
  • Final advice for anyone just getting started

Be sure to stop by Andrew’s site “Chicago Cash Flow” and also check out his radio show. I will put that information below.

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Andrew Holmes

Andrew Holmes - Let's talk real estate investingAndrew is the president and one of the founders of Chicago Cash Flow which was started back in 2008.  They are the #1 flipping team in Chicago, and they have built an 8 figure business in just 6 years.

Andrew’s company has done over 700 flips, and they own more than 170 rentals.  He is also a mentor, a sought-after speaker, and a coach. Andrew is also the founder of Chicago REIA.

Chicago Cash Flow has a unique business model called “Flipping for a Living”, and “2–5–7 Cash Flow for Life” which combine flips for creating short-term income and rentals for building wealth and generating long-term cash flow.

Be sure to check out Andrew’s real estate show “Real Estate Live with Andrew Holmes” where you will find more tips on building an 8 figure business.  You can check it out on AM 560 from 12:00 to 1:00 on Sundays.


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