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Today’s podcast is going to really enlighten you about doing JV deals when your partner lives in another state.

My guests are Nasar El-aribi and Chris Seder.  Nasar is from Charlotte, NC and his JV partner Chris Seder Billings, MT.   You are going to learn how these two guys on opposite sides of the country met and started doing JV deals together.

Each of these investors has their own successful business in addition to the deals they do together. This business model is unique in a lot of ways. They also have a brand new podcast “Flipping Empire Podcast”.


Show Notes

Here are a few of the highlights from this show:

  • About Chris and Nasar
  • Their primary investing strategies in their individual businesses
  • How they do JV deals and make this partnership work
  • Marketing; what they’ve tried and what works now
  • Using virtual assistants and what they do
  • Their biggest challenges in their businesses
  • Do they ever feel like they are “over the hump”?
  • What each of them attribute to their success
  • Advice for folks that would like to model their success


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About Their Brand New Podcast

Chris and Nasar have a brand new podcast they just launched called “Flipping Empire Podcast”. You can find that by CLICKING HERE…..


About Nasar and Chris

Nasar Elaribi

Nasar focuses on wholesaling houses, rehabbing, and is building a portfolio of rentals.  He calls himself a “corporate failure”. Nasar resides in Charlotte, NC and has been investing in real estate since 2007.



Christopher SederChristopher is a real estate investor based out of Billings MT who also wholesales, rehabs and is building a real estate portfolio of rentals.In 2014 Christopher completed 15 rehab projects, wholesaled around 20 houses and purchased several rentals.   He continues to work and grow his real estate investing business while helping others achieve their goals of getting started and growing their businesses also.


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