Eric George Podcast - Student HousingMy guest for today’s podcast is an investor from right here in my hometown, Eric George.  Eric specializes in the niche of student housing.  This is a niche that has gained popularity in recent years.

Eric is the owner of a company called Building Performance Group here in Louisville which specializes in new construction and building restoration.  Eric has spent over a 15 years in this field, while building his real estate investing business at the same time.

Student housing is a topic I haven’t covered before.  If you have been wondering about this very profitable niche, be sure to listen to this podcast.


Show Notes

Some of the things we covered in this podcast are:

  • How Eric got started in real estate investing
  • When he started rehabbing
  • What his original business model was for his rehabbing business
  • Why he chose student housing as one of his investment strategies, and why he likes it so much
  • How he decides where to invest
  • What types of properties he likes for student housing
  • They properties folks might want to avoid
  • Steps you can take to avoid problems when renting to college students
  • Why getting the parents involved
  • Systems to help your business run smoothly
  • How he manages to have a full time business, build a real estate investing business on the side, while still spending time with his business.



When we recorded this podcast last week Eric was on “baby watch”.  I’m happy to report that his son was born yesterday. Congratulations to the George family.


You Can Listen to the Podcast Here

Part 1.

[podcast title=”Investing in Student Housing with Eric George Part 1″][/podcast]

Part 2.

[podcast title=”Investing in Student Housing with Erik George -Part 2″][/podcast]

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Eric's Website

Be sure to stop by Eric's website “Building Performanc Group”  where you can learn about diagnostics and consulting services available to businesses and individuals who seek to better understand how their homes or buildings function and the true reasons problems are occurring.


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