Feeling invisible in your marketplace?  Hey, I've been there.

Today’s show is on that awful feeling we get in our businesses. We’re working hard, but we feel like we’re spinning our wheels. And what’s even worse, when it comes to standing out in our marketplace, we just feel invisible.

That almost always happens when we have neglected to build a brand around our business. Maybe you are losing business to your competitors. Even worse, maybe no one really knows who you are or what you do. If that’s the case it’s entirely your fault, but I’m going to tell you how to fix that problem in this show.

It’s been my experience that most folks get into real estate with just one thought; I want to learn how to buy property at deep discounts. Most likely if you’re just starting out, you may have an idea of which strategy is a fit for you (or maybe not).

If you have some cash or you have borrowing power, being rehabber or a buy and hold landlord might be the strategy for you. A wholesaler who doesn’t have cash or credit, doesn’t necessarily need either one of those things.

Is it possible to buy property to buy property with little or no cash and no credit?  Yes, you can. Can you build a business with little or no money? I have to tell you, it’s really hard. You’re going to need to spend some money on marketing. But the other thing you need to be doing simultaneously is building your brand. This is something you have to purposely do yourself.

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What Steps Can I Take?

If you'r feeling invisible in your marketplace, there's a really good chance you actually are invisible to your ideal customer.  If they don't know about you, how can they find you when they have a property so sell? If you’re ready to build a rock solid brand so you can play a much bigger game, here are some things you can do.


Show Notes – How to Stop Feeling Invisible (and not be invisible)

Tell Your Story

You need to get really good at telling YOUR story. Everyone has a story.  This is the first step you take to stop filling invisible. It’s not to brag, it’s also not to evoke sympathy. You just need to tell people who you are.  How did you get to where you are today? Why should they choose you and not your competitor?

They want to know the good, the bad and the ugly because then you are real to them.


Create a Customer Avatar

Get really clear on who your ideal customer is. (No, it’s not everyone) When you know who it is you really want to work with and you market specifically to that person, everything is easier. You will also make more money.  When your marketing is all over the place, and you’re just “getting who you get”, neither you or your customer is going to be happy.


Tired of Feeling Invisible? Hire a Photographer to Take Professional Photos

This is one thing you absolutely must do. Cell phone pictures are not good enough when you’re trying to build an authority brand.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it will cost you something. When you’re doing your photoshoot, be sure to dress so that people see you as you want to be seen.  Experts don’t show up in tee shirts and worn out jeans. Great pictures will definitely up-level your brand and your overall visibility.


You Need an “About Me” Video to Draw People In

If you really want to stop feeling invisible, get a great (professional) “about me” video for your site.  People will get real sense of who you are from video.

You can produce this yourself, but its best to hire a pro. That’s really the answer.  Someone that is good at producing these types of videos will be able to ask you questions, draw out a compelling story and they will make you look good.

Once again, you do this so your prospective customer can “see you”, they can “feel” your personality, and they will decide if you are a fit for them. This is true for all businesses not just for real estate.


Your Authority Book

Last but not least, it should at least be on your horizon to write a book (one day).  I’m not talking about a 300-page novel, but a smaller book that showcases you and your expertise.  This book is solely for the purpose of building your credibility and for marketing your business. With print on demand services now, it won’t cost you a lot of upfront money either.

For more information on using your signature book as a branding and marketing and tool, check out this podcast I did with Florida real estate investor and book coach, Barbara Grassey.  I can promise you writing a book won’t be nearly as overwhelming after listening to this show.  Just Click Here.


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