Today's show is about how to build a portfolio of rentals without cash, credit or a bank.

Build a portfolio of rentalsSound too good to be true?  Well it's not. In today's show you will learn just how to do that using multiple investing strategies.

My guest today is Jim Ingersoll. Jim is not only a successful real estate investor, but he's a coach, an author, and he hosts his own podcast “Investor Success Podcast”. Today you are going to learn strategies that will let you grow your business much faster than you ever thought was possible if you implement them.

If you've ever wondered how to build a portfolio of rentals and how to scale your business without having to depend on banks this show is for you. 

Show Notes

For anyone wanting to learn creative financing strategies, you are definitely going to want to watch this one.  You can also listen to the podcast on the go.

  • How Jim's dad influenced his decision to go into real estate
  • Lessons learned in “the school of hard knocks”
  • Getting back into the business after 10 years
  • Choosing a strategy
  • How to build a portfolio of rentals without going to the bank
  • Why you need cash reserves and how to achieve that
  • 5 different ways  to buy property without using your own money
  • Breaking down creative finance strategies
  • Creating win-wins with sellers
  • Creating deals; you set the terms
  • Marketing; why you need multiple lead channels for real success
  • Why mentors are the real key to anyone's success

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Expert Interview with Jim Ingersoll – Video


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About Jim Ingersoll

build a portfolio of rentals

Jim Ingersoll is a successful real estate entrepreneur, author, coach and the hose of the “Investor Success Podcast”.  He had published 2 books available on Amazon, and he is the founder of Investor Success Mastermind.  Jim has bought and sold hundreds of houses while investing in real estate.

Be sure to check out Jim's podcast “Investor Success Podcast on iTunes” and his website Big Money Investor. 


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