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I'm happy to have my friend Trevor Mauch from Investor Carrot back on the podcast today.  Trevor has been a frequent guest on this show, and today we are going to talk about a topic that plagues not only real estate investors but most all entrepreneurs no matter what their business is.  That topic is “how to get paid what you’re really worth”.

Everyone wants to stop trading hours for dollars, but how do you do that?   How do you change your thinking and your business so you can make that shift and ultimately get paid what you’re really worth?

Trevor has some great tips today for any business owner that wants to make more money and move from working “in their business” to working “on their business”.


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Show Notes

Here are just a few of the things you will find in this podcast:

  • The 3 phases of business; making the transition from points A and B to point C.
  • How you build a business that will make as much money (if not more) even if you are gone for an extended period of time
  • Why massive mind shifts are required in order to move from being a business owner to being a true entrepreneur
  • Steps for taking yourself out of the day to day operations of your business
  • Hiring people to do what you are currently doing.  How compensating these folks very well will actually allow you to make even more money than if you actually did the work
  • Making intentional choices that allow you to move into the 3rd phase of business
  • How to build a company that you lead rather than work in
  • Think like the big earners do; understanding the “4 seasons” of any business
  • The 3 levels of consultants and which one you want to be
  • How to stop setting fees that are too low once and for all and finally get paid what you'e worth

If you are looking to ultimately work less and earn more (even if you can’t see the path at this moment in time) you won’t want to miss this show.


You Can Listen to the Podcast Here

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Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

REI Websites – Investor Carrot Websites – My 1st Choice

Most of you know I am a big fan of the Investor Carrot websites. I use them in my business.

Having a website is no longer optional!  If you don’t currently have a website you owe it to yourself to check these out.  They are a quick and easy “done for you” solution.  You can check them out By Clicking Here…..


About Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch - Investor Carrot - OncarrotMost of you know Trevor as the founder of Investor Carrot.  What many of you might not know is that Trevor is a husband, a dad to 3 small children, he has already built several million dollar businesses.

He is also just an awesome entrepreneur that has the same struggles as everyone else. If you want to grow your business the next 12 months and overcome some of your own challenges, he's one of the folks you should be paying attention to.

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