How to woo savvy sellers part 2In part 2 of “How to Woo Savvy Sellers in Today's Market” I am going to give you some steps you can take to jump to the top of the list.

(If you missed part 1 of this article you can read it here….).

Last time we talked about how sellers no longer need us for information.  They go straight for the internet.  So what does that tell us about sellers?

It tells us that they are looking for information. They are looking to educate themselves about their particular problem or situation.

We need to give them what they want; information!

The next question becomes, when motivated sellers search for you on the internet what do they find?


Building Your Authority Online As a Trusted Source of Information

Sellers are looking a couple of things when they start their search.authority

They are looking for information, and they are looking for industry experts.  They don’t want to work with just anyone. They want to work with the best.

When you can provide them not only with information they are looking for but information they don’t even know they need, you have nailed the education piece of this puzzle.

These folks are also looking to work with someone that shares their values.  This is where brand perception comes into play.  What does your website say about you?  Does it accurately paint a picture of you and your business? Your website is one part of your total brand.

The old way of marketing – “You don't know me, but I want to buy your house”.

The new way of marketing – “Let’s go on a couple of dates so you get to know me, then I will offer to buy your house”.


How Do You Accomplish This?

Your job is to give potential sellers what they are looking for.  You want to become a trusted source of information in your industry and more specifically for them.

Remember that they are checking you out online before you ever know it.  When they land on your site you want it to be memorable.  Today sellers are taking their sweet time before they ever choose the person they want to work with.  Once they have found your website, your goal is to keep them on there while they continue their decision making process.

The place to start is by providing them with resources that motivated sellers will find useful and with valuable information at their fingertips.

Stop and think about it for a minute.  What types of problems are they having?  What information can you give them on these topics?  What else might they need to know?

Here are some common problems that cause sellers to work with real estate investors:

  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure
  • Job loss
  • Job transfer
  • Absentee owners
  • Tired landlords
  • Inherited property

problemsTry to think of all the problems motivated sellers could be facing and create information to address those problems.  You can also provide helpful links to additional information on these topics.  Ideally you want to link to resources already on your site.

If they are an absentee owner or they will be moving in the near future they will also need contact information for services like these:

  • The utility companies
  • Lawn services
  • Locksmiths
  • Donation sites for unwanted belongings
  • A link to the Postal Service for address changes
  • This is a quick and easy thing to add to your website
  • Movers


Have a Well Defined Q&A Section

Be sure to have a section where they can find answers to common questions, and include a way they can reach you either by phone, email or text you if they have other questions.

Brainstorm what YOU would need in each one of those situations and create that information and those resources for your website.  You want to think outside the box too.  What might they need that they are unaware of?


Second Guessing

Sellers have a way of second guessing their original choice.  Creating a website that is remarkable will greatly lessen the chances they begin to question their original choice (which is to work with you).  Give them what they want; then give them more.  Create resources for them so they become interested in you and the solution you can provide to their problem.

Last but not least, think about “remarkables”.  What are the things about your business that wow potential sellers?

Become the obvious choice.

What resources can you create for your business to be remarkable?


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