Podcast - Justin Williams and Sharon Vornholt

I had a great time a couple weeks ago when Justin Williams invited me to be a guest on his podcast. If you have been lucky enough to catch any of his previous podcasts (and I hope that you have), you know that he is just bursting with energy.

Justin has put together a top notch show where you will find a steady stream of seasoned real estate investors sharing information on their businesses and what is working today. You will also find information on just about any topic related to real estate investing

Be sure to stop by his site and to get this free gift with Six Exclusive House Flipping Tools you can use in your business today!  I have put a link below.


I Love Talking Real Estate!

I love talking real estate with other enthusiastic investors, so this was great fun. In fact we talked so long, that he broke this interview down into two parts.


Show Notes

Some of the things we talk about in this podcast are: 

  • Wholesaling
  • Probates and absentee owners
  • How I got started investing in real estate
  • My current business model and why I hated being a landlord
  • My main source of leads
  • The power of networking with your REIA group
  • How to market to probates
  • Which mail pieces get the best results for my direct mail campaigns
  • What to do when you meet face to face with sellers
  • Understanding a Sellers Motivation

Listen in as we dive deep into these topics and many more.

And be sure to stop by Justin's site “House Flipping HQ” where you will find a ton of resources, and you can pick up your free gift with Six Exclusive House Flipping Tools. 

Here's Part 1 of the podcast. Wholesaling and probates.
Here is Part 2 of the podcast. Approaching and dealing with sellers.


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