Justin Williams Podcast – Systems for Growing a “Hands Off”” Rehabbing Business – Episode #8

March 10, 2014 in Investing In Real Estate, Podcasts


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Have you ever wondered how some real estate investors manage to rehab over a hundred houses a year while others just do a few houses a year?

What about that small, rather elite group of real estate investors that is able to build fix and flip businesses that allow them to be almost completely “hands off” where the day to day operations are concerned?


The answer is systems. Good, solid systems.

I have someone for today’s podcast that is the real deal, Justin Williams.  Justin is in southern California where property is anything but cheap but that hasn't slowed him down.  He has a thriving fix and flip business built on systems that allow him to have a true lifestyle business where he can spend a lot of time with his family. He has also managed to branch out into blogging, creating awesome podcasts and coaching others to name just a few things.  Grab a drink, get a pad of paper and a pen and get ready to learn. You are definitely going to want to take notes for this episode.  Prepare to be inspired.


Show Notes

Some of the things we cover in this podcast are:

  • How Justin started out
  • Whether it was always his plan to have a “big business”
  • How Justin find his leads
  • Marketing
  • Using wholesalers to bring you leads
  • His business model for scaling his business
  • Justin’s secret weapons; systems and his general contractor
  • Systems for creating a big, hands off business
  • Outsourcing with VA’s vs having employees and why he does both
  • Who you need on your team to grow a big business like Justin’s
  • Selling his flips


Justin’s Site

Be sure to stop by Justin’s site “House Flipping HQ.” Once you’re there you will find a wealth of information including articles, podcasts and you can pick up some of his freebies that he has available to everyone. Be sure to check out the podcast I did for Justin where we dove into probates and marketing to name just a few things.  You can listen to my interview by Justin here: Part 1 and Part 2. 


You Can Listen Here

Part 1

Justin Williams - Episode 08 - Part 1 - Download This Episode


Part 2

Justin Williams - Episode 08 - Part 2 - Download This Episode



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