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Changing seller's expectations before you make an offer can be “tricky business” at times.  Negotiating is a learned skill in most cases, and many people if they were to be completely honest never quite get comfortable having those conversations.  Making offers requires us to get good at having straightforward conversations with sellers.

How about you?  Do you have a tendency to stumble over your words when someone says no to your offer?



It's a Step By Step Process

Changing seller's expectations is a process that begins with that 1st phone call and continues with each subsequent conversation. With a little practice you will find these conversations get easier and easier.  Since making offers is such a big part of our business, it really pays to spend a little time to hone this skill.


Finding Out “What Else” they Want or Need

I'm sure you remember that, “Great deals are made not found”. When it comes to making offers, knowledge is definitely power.  The more you know about their situation the better position you are in to create a “win-win” for everyone.  When changing seller's expectations, it's practically impossible to do this without clearly understanding what their true motivation is.


Today's Podcast is a “Quickie”

Today's podcast is just about 10 minutes long so grab some coffee and take a short break with me.



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