negotiations and making offersToday while I'm still taking a little time off for some much needed sand in my shoes AKA “R & R”, I wanted to post some previous articles that go along with our theme this week; negotiation and making offers which go hand in hand.

Negotiation and making offers is such s big part of what we do it”s good to get some reminders about the basics.  One of the things that will help you tremendously is learning how to change the seller's expectations when it comes to how much their  house is actually worth.  When you are making offers, this is a process that starts for me when I first talk with the seller.

In reality, they probably know deep down that the price they want for the property is unrealistic otherwise they would have listed it with an agent. However it's your job to gently guide them into reality.

In today's quickie podcast I show you how I do that.  It's an easy process to learn or a skill you can hone with a little practice. It's easier than you think to become a pro at negotiation and making offers.


Here's Your Quickie…

Making Offers – Changing Seller's Expectations – Podcast #63


Want More?

Here's a short video for you.  Making Offers On Real Estate – the 70% Rule



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