In the last show, I went over the 4 parts of successful probate direct mail campaigns and why you need to get each one of those pieces right.  Today, the topic is mastering probate direct mail campaigns. I’m going to show you the statistics behind direct mail campaigns. Armed with this knowledge, you can out-market your competition month after month, year after year.


In the Last Show…

If you remember, the 4 parts to a direct mail campaign are:

  • The list
  • The mail piece
  • The message
  • The campaign

You have to get these 4 things right.  If you missed the last podcast, you can find that here.


How Long do you Mail?

Once you have your direct mail campaign up and running, you might be wondering how many “touches” are enough. Is there a magic of times you mail sellers?

The answer is yes.  You mail until you buy the house, someone else buys the house or they come off your list for another reason.  If you’re working with probates and estates, those folks will need a cash offer.  Since they must sell the house, you can’t use creative finance strategies like you would for other types of deals.  If you have a seller with no equity, that generally won’t be a deal for someone working with probates.


Direct Mail Statistics

In this show, I’m going to show you some pretty impressive statistics.  You’ll begin to see the “compound effect” that happens when you commit to doing ongoing direct mail campaigns.  Once you have your probate direct mail campaigns pretty much on autopilot, that’s when the real magic begins.

Everyone worries about their ‘competition” in this business.  Here is one statistic I really want you to remember; 90% of people doing direct mail marketing will quit on or before the 3rd mailing.  That is huge for anyone committed to building a real business over time.


The Money is in the Follow-up in Probate Direct Mail Campaigns

In this business, the real magic happens when you commit to following up with sellers.  Almost half of all people will never follow up with a motivated seller, yet as many as 80% of your deals will come from follow-up over time.  Can you see how easy it is to be a standout in real estate investing?


Probate Investing Simplified

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