Marketing, getting your phone to ring

Getting your phone to ring takes some work. It doesn’t just happen because you put up a killer website or tell everyone you know that you are looking for deals. What it does take is consistent, focused marketing.

Without a steady stream of leads, you will be out of business in no time.  So let’s get right down to business.


What Are 8 Ways To Make That Happen?

1. Everyone has their favorite marketing strategies, and mine is direct mail marketing.  There is no getting around the fact that direct mail costs money, but it is hands down my best source of leads. For more on “Direct Mail Marketing” Click Here…


But there are some other strategies that you can get started with little or no money.

2. For a “no cost strategy” dive in and call some FISBO’s (for sale by owner's).  I know one gal that does this with great success. You have nothing to lose but your time. This is also great practice for talking to sellers.  Everyone is nervous when they first get started so it’s a great way to talk to a lot of sellers. For more on “Cold Calling” Click Here

3. You can post free “We Buy Houses” listings on Craig’s List with just your phone number.

4. Bandit signs are another low cost strategy. You can buy printed signs with your phone number on them, or you can buy plain white corrugated signs and make your own. I like printed signs for buying property. Blank signs that you put up around a property work great for selling.  For Tips On “Using Bandit Signs” Click Here…

5. Get some business cards and pass them out everywhere. You never know where your next lead will come from. You can get really nice, very reasonable business cards from Vista Print.

6. Driving for dollars.  Get in your car and drive the neighborhoods you would like to invest in. Look for houses that look “neglected”, vacant or run down.   You can check out “Driving For Dollars” Here…

7. Get busy networking to get your name out there. A good place to start is your local REIA meeting.  Listen in as I discuss “Networking Your Way To Your First Deal” with Brian Haskins by Clicking Here.

8. Put up a basic website. This will make you look like a real business. There are a number of free alternatives out there.  You can set up a simple Wordpress site free here at, or just do a Google search to find some other alternatives. There are also a lot of low cost alternatives.


It's Time To Take Action

I hope these posts help you take those important first steps “Getting Started”. Remember that we all started the same way.  The important thing is just to get started on your path to financial freedom and creating a life that you love!

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