Success With Cold Calling

I had a very informative guest post this past year from fellow real estate investor Neva Williamson. Neva shared with us some information on one of her “no cost marketing strategies”; cold calling.  I have great admiration for her for her success with this strategy.  Most people myself included, would rather do just about anything than make those types of calls. They do work though, and I wanted to share with you email I got from one of my readers George Calvert Cox . He writes about the success he is having with this real estate investing strategy.


Here is the email I received:

Sharon – I wish you a prosperous 2013, full of opportunities and new ideas!

Meanwhile, I remember reading somewhere that you are not big on cold-calling probate leads. I decided to start calling leads from lists I purchased in 2011 to see if there is anything to be had. I am amazed by the results!

The people are very receptive to the call and immediately open up to discuss their situation and challenges. Even the ones that aren't interested in selling are very graceful about it. And this is Philly, mind you! The response rate compared to my direct mailing campaigns has been through the roof!

It is so interesting to learn the timing involved as far as the motivation of the executors. Here it is more than a year later and they are just now getting around to selling the house. Now, I'm sure there is a huge difference from folks on an older list and folks on a new one. On the older lists, the people have pretty much gone through the grieving process and are now starting to address their challenges. I even have people recognize my name and tell me they have my letter tucked away (for a year now!) for when they are ready to sell! Anyways, that's my experience.

For me, I'm going to be a cold-calling machine and actually see more value in the older lists. Just wanted to share…


George Calvert Cox

You can see from this email, that taking action does pay off.  My hat is off to Neva Williamson for sharing this idea, and to George for taking massive action. If you would like to see Neva's post you can do that by clicking here.


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