Surefire Tips for Building Rapport


Surefire Tips for Building Rapport with Motivated Sellers

If there is one skill that will change your business faster than anything, it’s learning how to build rapport with sellers when you meet face to face at the property.  Honing this skill is how you will stand out from all the investors you’re competing within your market.


Show Notes

Here are 6 surefire tips for building rapport with motivated sellers that you’ll learn about in this show:

  1. Be prepared.  Do your research before you get to the property.
  2. The importance of properly introducing yourself, and the one thing you may think you don’t need (but you do).
  3. How to become an engaged listener.
  4. The art of the conversation. How to become memorable, get more signed contracts, and ultimately put more dollars in your pocket.
  5. It’s all about the seller.
  6. How and when to transition to the discussion about the property.


One Final Tip…

The way you end the conversation is important.  Motivated sellers will remember you when this is done correctly. Thank them for the time they spent with you and be sure to use their name.  Let them know what the next steps are and don’t forget to remind them once again what your name is.


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