Probate Investing Q&A

People have a lot of questions about probates. In fact, I am asked the same questions all the time. Today I decided to take the 10 most frequently asked questions about probate investing and answer them in this show.  So let’s get started.


Show Notes – Questions about Probate Investing

This list is by no means all the questions I'm frequently asked. However, they are the same ones I'm asked over and over again.

Once you learn the probate process, the terminology, and you get your mindset right, this is a great niche to work in.  I get a lot of pleasure working with these folks where I can help them solve their problem which is that they have inherited an unwanted house (often needing a lot of repairs and updates).

  1. Why is there so much less competition in the probate niche?
  2. Why is it so hard to get probate leads? Can’t I just buy leads?
  3. How do I get in the right mindset?
  4. Why can't I just call the family instead of sending a direct mail letter?
  5. Can you wholesale probates?
  6. Don't most sellers want retail for the probate properties?
  7. Can you use creative financing strategies for probates?
  8. What do you say if the family is embarrassed about the condition of the property?
  9. What if the deceased's relatives are living in the house and they refuse to leave? 10.
  10. What can I do when the heirs don't agree on how to move forward?


Here's Your Podcast – The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Probate Investing


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