Today I want to tell you about a service you may not be familiar with, and that is a service called “WeGoLook”.

WeGoLook will take some of the guesswork out of purchasing an out of state property. They will be your boots on the ground.

How Does this Work?

Once you place an order, WeGoLook will have someone from their network go look at property for you.  This service is good for real estate investors, asset verification, and claims adjusters to name just a few.

Let’s say you have an opportunity to buy a property in another city or state other than the one you usually invest in. Chances are, jumping on a plane isn’t your first thought.  You would want to know the condition of the property, and whether this is a property you would actually be interested in purchasing before making an offer.  You can get some of the information needed online to make a buying decision, but not all of it.  You really need to have someone visit the property.

This is where a service like WeGoLook comes in handy. They offer a wide range of services at pretty affordable prices. Not only does this company look at property, they will also look at other things like cars and boats.


Placing an Order

When you want to place an order for an inspection or other task, you can do that on the website or on the phone.  They also have an API integration for business customers. They make it easy for you to find a “Looker” to work with in the area where you need those boots on the ground.


How Much Does it Cost?

There are different price ranges for different services, but premium pricing for real estate is around $69.00 for a “look” as they are called.  You can add other upgrades to the base price for services like additional pictures, for a rush job etc.


WeGoLook Report

When you place an order the Looker will go to the subject property.  They will take 10 photos of the interior and exterior of the property. They will also verify the address and collect other data like the current condition of the property, how other properties in the immediate area look etc.  They do a visual inspection for you when you can’t do this yourself.

If you want to see what a sample report looks like, you can see that on their site or Click Here.


Want to Be a Looker to Earn Extra Cash?

Becoming a “Looker” can be a great part-time job.  Lookers will use their smart phones to verify the condition of buildings, cars, trucks, auction items and more.  WeGoLook helps make consumer decisions easier while putting a little cash in your pocket. There are over 20,000 folks that are Lookers now.

Lookers make between $25.00 and $200.00 for each look.  Some of the things Lookers do include:

Assessments, inspections, pick-up and delivery, and document services like signing and notarization.  I think it’s safe to say that someone can become a Looker without having any special skills.


How Does a Looker Get an Assignment?

The WeGoLook app on your phone notifies you when a look is available. Then it’s up to you to accept or decline the look.  If the look hasn’t been pre-scheduled, you can schedule that with the on-site contact.  Once you completed the job, you will complete the questions and submit your look to get paid.

If this sounds like something you might like to do you can find out more on their site at WeGoLook.


Here's Also a Short Video on WeGoLook

This is actually a pretty sweet gig for someone that wants to add some extra cash in their pocket, and like I said it's not only for real estate.


Thinking About Investing Out of State?

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(Puerto Rico hadn't been hit by the hurricane when we recorded this show, but the information is still great.


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