Kira Golden

This show today will change the way you think about where to invest. My guest is Kira Golden the CEO of Direct Source Wealth, and we're going to dive into investing where it makes sense (which may not be where you live).

Kira took a bold step of investing outside of where she lived in order to get big tax benefits. This show is going to encourage you to think outside of the box.


 Show Notes

Here is some of what we covered in this show:

  • How Kira got her start
  • Going from single family to multifamily investing
  • Investing where it makes sense
  • How her company helps others to invest
  • Investing where you pay no Federal Income Taxes
  • The challenges of working outside of the continental US
  • How she finds those juicy deals
  • Investing in vacation properties
  • And so much more.


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About Kira

Kira Golden NEWKira Golden is the CEO of Direct Source Wealth, a multi-family syndication firm that helps investors create passive income without paying Wall Street’s high fees and commissions. Kira has been successful in multi-family real estate, vacation rental markets, and single-family projects. Kira is a speaker, entrepreneur, investor, CEO, mentor, and mother.

Reach out to Kira at Direct Source Wealth.


What's your biggest fear when it comes to investing in another location other than where you live?


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