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What Do Branding, Lead Generation and Your REI Website Have in Common?

I have talked about branding before.  We know it’s important, but it sometimes seems like an impossible task doesn’t ?   However, your branding strategy will ultimately play a big part when it comes to lead generation and your REI website.

People visiting your REI website decide pretty quickly if they want to do business with you.Branding usually starts out with people thinking about colors and fonts.  These are important for sure.

You need to have a pretty good idea of what you want your “look” to be.

I am not a “red person” so my brand will never be red.  I am much more of a blue person with a little purple and black thrown in here and there.  So where color is concerned, what colors resonate with you? There are some that probably some that come to mind right away.

Once you have that out of the way the real work begins, and that is more about showing the world who you really are.

What does your brand stand for?

Now what does this have to do with lead generation?  We will get to that in a minute.


Back to Brand Basics

Once you have a general idea about the look of your brand, you need to think about, “how do I want people to think about me and about my company”? You need to apply the same principles to your REI website.

Am I a friendly, approachable investor?  Or does my site scream “I’m stuffy corporation”?  Maybe your site says “I was thrown together by someone that has no idea what they are doing” (you definitely don’t want that).

If you want to send a clear message to people about who you are when they look at your REI website, you have to be very deliberate about the image you create with your branding.


Your REO Website and Lead Generation

So what does the look of your REI website have to do with lead generation?  A lot more than you think.

Your lead generation website (if it isn’t already) will become one of the most important pieces of the branding puzzle in your business.  This is where the majority of people will look for you first.

When motivated sellers are up late at night and they are online searching for someone to help them, your website will determine their immediate opinion of what your brand stands for.  Most important of all, they will usually decide in that moment whether or not to fill out the online form and take down your phone number to contact you.  So in this case, first impressions are huge.

If your site isn’t ranked on the 1st page of Google where it can be found easily, the sad fact is that this person up in the middle of the night looking for a solution to their problem may never find your site again if they leave.  Showing up for motivated sellers in a way that immediately resonates with them is critical.

When it comes to lead generation and your website, you may only get one shot at getting someone to take action and contact you.


Where Do You Start?

Most of us don’t have the time or the technical skills to build out a website from scratch that works so I love it when there is a done for you solution that lets you include your personalized branding.

I have said this before; I have had some websites in the past that were really pretty.  Were they really good at lead generation?  Not so much and here’s the distinction; the look of your website is really important.  People will be turned off by a poorly designed website.  But you need more than a good looking site to generate leads.

  • It needs to tell people exactly how you can help them
  • There should be some helpful resources they can download
  • It needs to be easy for them to contact you.  (Where you place your contact form on the page is really important).
  • Then there is your branding.  What does it say about you as a person?  Your business?
  • You can’t forget about SEO.  Having a great website doesn’t do you any good if people don’t find you. That’s the great thing about the websites I use in my business.  Those folks really know SEO so you don’t have to become an expert at that.


If you’re Like Most Folks You Don’t Have a Clue about Where to Start

There are a number of choices for “done for you” REI websites out there.  But not all of them allow you the freedom to brand the sites so they reflect your personal brand.  The ability to put your own branding on the site is one that I really like that I recommend and that is the Carrot Websites. And it’s really simple since they have step-by-step tutorials.


Check Out the Short Video I Made for You

I have a short video on how easy it is to brand your lead generation website with the Carrot REI websites.  Take a look and let me know what you think.


Want to Learn More?

You can check out the Carrot website by Clicking Here.


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