Successful women in real estateMost people that have known me for any amount of time know that I am passionate about seeing more women become successful real estate investors.   There are successful women in real estate investing, but in most cases women have traditionally viewed this field as being a “man’s world”.

There is no doubt that there are a whole lot more men in this field than women.  However this is actually a perfect business for women of any age or background. With real estate, anyone can build a business that is a perfect fit for them (and their family) at each stage of their life.

It is hands down the best vehicle for anyone wanting to build a lifestyle business. I happen to believe that women are uniquely well suited for this business for a number of reasons.  I went into those reasons in great detail in the first post of the series which was called “Successful Women in Real Estate Investing” which you can find at the link below.


Successful Women in Real Estate Investing Series

This is such an important topic I would like to reintroduce this series to every woman that might have missed it the first time around.  It’s worth mentioning that all of the women originally featured in this series continue to grow and evolve.

In many cases these successful women have taken their businesses in new directions and are seeing even more success today than at the time they were originally featured.

Several have written a second book, some have added completely new profit centers to their businesses, one person started a REIA in her area, and these are just a few of the achievements that I would like to point out.  There are many, many more success stories.

I can tell you one thing for sure; none of these women are sitting still. They are all growing, taking on new challenges (which always involves learning new things), and many branching off into things they weren’t even thinking about 12 months ago.

It’s amazing when I look at all of the real estate investors out there as a whole both men and women, I have noticedSuccessful Women in Real Estate Investing one big change from just a few years ago.  These folks are building real businesses.  There was a time when this business was all about finding one house and flipping it. Then down the road, they would find another one.  Not today. What I see is people thinking bigger than ever.

I personally know several folks that are wholesaling or rehabbing 100+ houses a year including a couple of women.  Now maybe that’s not your vision for your business but know that it’s your choice how you build your business.  You get to choose.  You get to build the business that is perfect for this stage of your life, for you own personal goals, and one that lets you be in charge of your own destiny.


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