A Simple Plan to Jumpstart Your REI Marketing Today


Today I want to talk about a simple plan to jumpstart your REI marketing today!

When you talk to most folks whether they are seasoned investors or they have just started investing, you will almost always find a frustrated entrepreneur hidden underneath all that passion they bring to their business. They are passionate about the service they provide or the “thing” they have created. That might be something like software or other tools for investors.

These same real estate investors are able to tell someone they know in great detail how wonderful their service or their “thing” is. The problem is that they almost never know how to market themselves to motivated sellers. If you ask them how they plan to get the word out, you will often be met with a puzzled look. Not only does this leave them extremely frustrated, but it often leaves them with an empty bank account. So what are some ways you can jumpstart your REI marketing so that it doesn't seem so hard?


Understand that Marketing Is the Lifeblood of Your Business

Marketing is what makes it possible for customers to find you. Without marketing, you will never have any leads coming in the door. And without a steady stream of leads, you will be out of business in no time.  Yet marketing seems to be one of the last things that get done for most entrepreneurs.

Getting down to marketing their business often happens after they have:

  • Checked email
  • Taken a few minutes to post on Facebook
  • Looked in the drawer to see what bills need paying this week
  • Straightened up their workspace a little
  • Reorganized a couple of files or done a ton of other busywork.

Stop Doing This!  You have to put marketing first.


The Solution is to Do Your Marketing First!

Jumpstart Your REI Marketing TodayIf you intend to have a successful business, your marketing has to be a top priority. And, if you find you're lagging a bit in this department like I said just do it first!

One way to surefire way jumpstart your REI marketing is to begin your day by spending at least 2 hours on marketing. For some of you that have a full-time job, this may seem impossible. It’s not impossible, but it just might be inconvenient. If mornings don't work, you may have to do it in the evening or on weekends.

Now you might be saying, “But I really love watching Netflix in the evening. It helps me unwind”, and that might be true. However, this is one of those times where you have to make the choice to do the hard thing.

You can always split up those 8-10 hours of marketing time and do some of it in the evening and some on the weekend if you want.  Better yet, outsource things like your direct mail so you know it will stay on schedule.  If you missed my Comprehensive Guide to Working with Virtual Assistants you can Get That By Clicking Here.

Just get it done. Remember that you don’t have a business if you don’t have leads and sales coming in the door.


Jumpstart Your REI Marketing by Creating a Schedule (and Sticking to It)

I know from personal experience that if you don’t schedule your marketing activities, most of them won’t get done on time if at all.

The first thing you need to do to jumpstart your marketing is to get a calendar. Not just any calendar, but a great big spiral-bound wall calendar from one of the office supply stores. For this to work, it has to be visible. Don’t fill it out and put it away in the drawer. Hang it over your desk or on a wall.

  • You need to see this every day.
  • You need to be reminded of all the things that have to get done.
  • You need accountability.

Put down all of your marketing activities on this calendar. Work in 90-day increments. Follow the strategies laid out in, “The 12 Week Year”.  Doing just these couple of simple things will have a profound effect on your business when you look back 12 months from now.  There is no magic pill; that pill is YOU!


Marketing to Probates

When you're marketing to probates, there will be a new group of cases filed every month.  Once you know how to get these leads, you can begin marketing to them.  I have found that once someone opens an estate, this process is generally finished in 12 to 18 months.  That makes it extremely important to stay on track when marketing to folks that have a property in an estate.

Having a schedule and sticking to it is critical. Probates are some of the most lucrative deals you will ever do, and the sellers are very motivated. They don't want the property; they just want the cash they will get from selling the property.

If you want to learn more about probates, check out my comprehensive course, “Probate Investing Simplified”. it will teach you everything you need to know about working in this very lucrative niche. And…I have some awesome bonuses that come with the course.


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