Lack of Consistent Marketing


Welcome back for marketing tip #6 in this series. This tip is super short, but oh so valuable. I want to talk about the #1 thing that causes investors to fail; lack of consistent marketing.

I believe this is one of the top reasons people fail to create a sustainable business. They lack consistency with their marketing. In fact, when I coach investors that have been in this business for a while, this one thing comes up over and over. I would go so far as to say it is a theme.


Consistent Marketing Isn’t…

  • Marketing that is “hit or miss”
  • Marketing that isn’t based on a marketing plan
  • Marketing where you fail to implement your marketing plan

The issue is rarely that investors don’t know what to do, but rather they just aren’t doing those the right things on a consistent basis.

The lack of consistent marketing has caused more investors to fail than any other single thing.


The Takeaway

If there is one takeaway from this lesson today it has to be that if you are going to succeed, it will be due to consistent marketing.  If you are generating leads day after day, week after week, month after month you WILL close deals.

No doubt about it.

If you stop doing lead generating activities, how are motivated sellers supposed to find you? The short answer is they won’t. In the next episode we will talk about how to correct this problem once and for all.


Coming Next….

I'm going to will talk about how to correct this problem once and for all by implementing one simple thing in your business that has the potential to double your business.


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