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Welcome to marketing tip #5 in this marketing tip series.  Today I want to talk about two different types of marketing strategies; inbound marketing and outbound marketing strategies. You will also discover why you need to be using both of these strategies in your business.


Examples of Outbound Marketing Strategies

Outbound marketing strategies are things you do on a regular basis as a general rule. They are not necessarily permission-based. They are interruption based in most cases. As I said, these are activities you need to do YOURSELF.  Some of those things are things like:

  • Direct mail
  • Door knocking
  • Cold calling (definitely interruption based)
  • Driving for dollars
  • Bandit signs
  • MLS (This is an activity)


Examples of Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound strategies are strategies that attract prospects that come to you.  It is permission based. Some examples of inbound marketing strategies are:

  • Content Strategies (they subscribe)
  • Social media (they follow)
  • Websites (they want you to come)
  • Networking
  • Ongoing print ads or online ads (They choose to respond or not).

You should be using both inbound and outbound strategies in your marketing plan.


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